I'd rather stay home and cry.

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Loose Leaf - Collingwood, Melbourne.

toughstrips and I seized the day with early coffees and plant adventures. Can’t rave enough about this place.


A few nice little stills from my visit with Carla McRae this morning. We did a spot of filming for my micro-documentary and shared stories about the woes of the 57 tram. Thank you so much again, I look forward to seeing you again :-)

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Thank you so much to the absolutely divine Kitiya Palaskas for letting me come and take photos of your studio, film you in action, listening to my extensively long stories about dislocating my kneecap, walking to the park with me to do an interview and being an all-round great lady. I had so much fun and I hope I get to see you again soon.

These photos do not do her space any justice, but I hope you can tell how fun and colourful Kitiya’s life is because it’s a direct result of how bubbly and cheerful she is! I keep saying that all these amazing people I’ve been meeting lately are they best because they genuinely are. I am a lucky girl.

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Okay okay! This is it! These are the last pictures of my desk i promise! It just looked so nice today with all the sunlight coming through the window :)
You can see some of Kendra's work, Mel Stringer's work (a must have in my work space as seen from my last work space post), and one of Tammy's artworks as well! 


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Keith Haring’s apartment.

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by Allegra

Omg I know this place lololol

my house!

oh neely, is this really where you live? it’s so beautiful!

Permanent marker installations by Heike Weber.

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